Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP)

Migration is an act of bravery. Every day, all over Maine, immigrants bravely make homes, raise families, create art, launch businesses, and build new lives, often while navigating our complex and unjust immigration system.

In recognition of this bravery, ILAP is proud to partner with Akakpo & Co. to offer a limited-edition thermos with a pattern inspired by the Adinkra symbol for bravery, valor, fearlessness, leadership, and courage in facing life's battles. These thermoses embody the bravery of migration, the bravery of starting over, and the bravery of speaking out. 

For every thermos sold, Akakpo & Co. will donate a portion of the proceeds to support ILAP’s work advancing equity and justice for immigrants in Maine. Inspired by last year’s beneficiary, Indigo Arts Alliance, ILAP will share a portion of these proceeds with our immigrant- and Black-led partner organizations. Because the only way forward is together.

ILAP is honored to be a source of immigration legal services, education, and advocacy for our state’s brave immigrant communities. Together, we are creating a world where systems are rooted in justice, where everyone belongs and thrives. On behalf of ILAP’s community and Akakpo & Co., thank you for your support!

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